I am teaching the Beginner’s Handgun class just about every Saturday and Sunday in the Washington, DC Metro Area. Lecture-only courses are $75 per student. Introduction to Firearms Home Defense Personal Defense Outside the Home Child Safety “Beyond the Gun”

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The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Open Carry Part IV

This is an excellent article from Roger Phillips of Fight Focused Concepts. Check out his blog here. You should also check out his forum Paragon Pride.   The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Open Carry Part IV Dealing With the Unknown

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10 CQB Tips

Excellent material from Craig Douglas. You should also read The Tactical advantage by Gabe Suarez ▶ TIP NO. 1: There is no truly safe way to move through a home when there is a threat inside the home with you. 

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The Evolution of TASERs

A lot of folks forget how ineffective the early TASERs were. Modern TASERs, while not “magic”, are significantly more effective nowadays.  One could argue that thte Rodney King incident would have turned out differently had current-generation TASERs been available back

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Off-Centerline Tool Carry – Personal Defense Network

Great article from Chris Fry at Off-Centerline Tool Carry – Personal Defense Network. Off-Centerline Tool Carry Every-Day Carry (EDC) of personal protection tools is a highly individualized subject. EDC is often developed around specific mission requirements, personal experience, previous training and

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Awesome Email Addy

Originally posted on Front Sight Press:
A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) got an email the other day from a well-trained fellow CCW permit holder and firearms instructor.  Dude’s email address was something like… Can’t wait to see…

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Basic Breaching for the common man Part II (Ballistic & Windows)

Another awesome article. Basic Breaching for the common man Part II (Ballistic & Windows).

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Basic Breaching for the common man Part 1 (Doors)

Great article posted at Basic Breaching for the common man Part 1 (Doors).  

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A Very Stupid (and Very Lucky) Prankster

This idiot is extremely lucky he did not get shot. It likely would have been ruled as self-defense. Read Andrew Branca’s book to find out why.

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8 Facebook privacy tips every cop (and everyone else) should know about

From Social Media & Law Enforcementwith Lauri Stevens 8 Facebook privacy tips every cop should know about The more Facebook knows about you, the more valuable it is, so they don’t do much to make it easy to manage and

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Bloomberg with another “Let them eat cake” moment

Originally posted on Give Me Liberty:
Hat Tip Bullets First. King Bloomberg has spoken. ? ? Disgraced Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has long viewed himself as a “better than you” elite who must dictate how others must…

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