I am teaching the Beginner’s Handgun class just about every Saturday and Sunday in the Washington, DC Metro Area. Lecture-only courses are $75 per student. Introduction to Firearms, Home Defense, Personal Defense Outside the Home, Child Safety, “Beyond the Gun”,

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Thoughts on the Taurus Curve


Product Quality Taurus has improved their product quality a lot since the 1980s/1990s One could also argue that they still have a way to go until they are past the YMMV (“Your mileage my vary”) stage Contouring We are going

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“One Shot Stop” Handgun statistics, and why they’re a load of crap


Originally posted on Monster Hunter Nation:
In my last CCW class, I had somebody talk about the famous “Marshall & Sanow One Shot Stop Statistics” and about how this student was going to use a 97% round instead of a…

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Six Things You Should Know Before Getting a Gun


So you took a basic gun safety class or one of those hokey $19.95 online “Get Your Permit in 30 minutes or less!” courses, now what else do you need to know besides the NRA 3 Rules of Gun Safety

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The Instructor’s Endorsement Log


Given the prevalence of cross-training in the martial arts and firearms world, it makes sense for instructors to have an easy method of fielding questions from students about content from other instructors in a manner that is efficient and minimizes

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Bartlett Family Tied Up During Home Invasion | Local 24 News | News, Weather and Sports for Memphis & the Mid-South | WATN-TV |


The gun is not a magic talisman against evil it is the last line of defense as part of a layered system of home security. The man had just gone to his mailbox, when two men got out of a

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The Prepper’s Tablet Computer

When you imagine the archetypal Walking Dead or Hurricane Katrina type disaster scenario, creatures of comfort like us may find the thought of our electronic gadgets being rendered useless utterly terrifying (or liberating). Hardware and software used to send, store, and

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SouthNarc’s Guide to Drawing Your Handgun in a Confined Space

This is must-read material for taking your skills to the next level. Go to and sign up for class.  Download the PDF File here. SNECQHandgun ECQ Handgun and Confined Space Draw This was done at the request of Fatdog in

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Review: Special Circumstances Inc. Maleficus Trainer

About the Company Special Circumstances Inc. sells the knives made by Ian Wendt out of a small shop in New Mexico. Ian Wendt’s designs merge ideas from the past into something wholly original with an elegant brutality a la Guernica compared to the

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Bullshido: Martial Arts Magic

Good read. Bullshido: Martial Arts Magic.   Bullshido: Martial Arts Magic Some call it Bullshido: Martial arts tricks like touchless attacks and the Touch of Death. by Brian Dunning Filed under Consumer Ripoffs, Fads, Paranormal Skeptoid #189 January 19, 2010 Podcast transcript | Listen | Subscribe

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Home Invasion 2.0

If a device doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet, then it should not be connected to the Internet…

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