I am teaching the Beginner’s Handgun class just about every Saturday and Sunday in the Washington, DC Metro Area. Lecture-only courses are $75 per student. Introduction to Firearms Home Defense Personal Defense Outside the Home Child Safety “Beyond the Gun”

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The most important lesson from the Celebrity iCloud Hacking Incident is…

[] Make sure your password cannot be easily guessed! 

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Using an Infrared Camera to hack a PIN Pad

Using 12345 as your password is a really bad idea. Use the stylus at the store when you can or place your fingers on all of the buttons as you type in your PIN number. 

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Dieting for Fat Loss By Larry Lindenman

Larry makes it as simple as it can get.  Calorie Counting Figure out how many calories you burn per day and stay below it.  Beverages Water, Black Coffee, and Tea are your friends Soda must be purged from your

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Mundane Movements: Parking Lots, Part 2, Exiting the Store, Loading your Vehicle, and Going Home

Originally posted on Growing Up Guns:
After our shopping is done and we tuck that impulse bought stuffed animal in with the little one, it’s time to go from the relative safety of the store back out into the world. We can…

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Mundane Movements: Parking Lots, Part 1: Positioning and Movement INTO the Store

Originally posted on Growing Up Guns:
This post is universally applicable to the person who wants to decrease a criminal’s ability to close space and gain positional dominance via maneuver and avenues of approach, while simultaneously increasing their own ability to…

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Gun instructor dies after being shot by 9-year-old girl

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An Arizona gun instructor died of his injuries after being shot in the head by a nine-year-old girl. Charles Vacca, 39, of Lake Havasu City, AZ, died Monday night, August 25, 2014, at University Medical…

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Street Robberies and You: The Basics

Originally from Lately in GD we have had two different board members find themselves looking down the barrel of a gun along with the GF of another ARFCOMMER in street robberies. Also Blitz308 got shot all to pieces last year.

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Drawing from a Fanny Pack

An Excellent Tutorial from Paul Gomez.  

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Understanding the risk of violent aggression

Originally posted on tacticalprofessor:
I couldn’t believe it was happening. It didn’t seem real. –a common statement by victims of criminal violence The first presentation I attended at Paul-E-Palooza 2  was The 5 Ws of Risk (of Violent Aggression) given…

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Robbery in Philadelphia Caught on Camera

Notice the constant weight shifting in gait and preparing to strike by the assailants Notice the constant “target glancing” by the assailants They are subconsciously “checking if the coast is clear”. Long staff weapons need weight and density to be effective when

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