Selecting Your First Handgun: Actions

When selecting your first handgun consider the following types of Actions

Striker Fired

Examples: Glock, FNS, and the Smith and Wesson M&P series.

I prefer these pistols since they have a consistent trigger pull and ensure consistency in training and deployment.


Double-Action Single Action

Examples:Beretta Px4, Beretta 92, Sig 220 series (220, 226, 228, 229)

First shot fired will have a heavy trigger pull and the subsequent shots will have a light trigger pull.

The examples mentioned above are good quality guns but the problem I have with the trigger mechanism is that it is a little bit more difficult for the end user to master. I have also noticed that end users have a tendency to “cheat” during their range time by keeping the hammer cocked back to make shooting easier but unrealistic to how they would actually deploy the gun.


Double Action Revolvers

Very simple and safe to use. Same heavy trigger pull every time. The heavy pull can be difficult for some to master.

Single Action Pistols

Most often have external safeties which makes them not optimal for immediate deployment in a “dynamic critical incident” (aka self defense shooting). 1911s are the best example of this sort of pistol.



Keep the choice of action simple and easy to learn and then master. Double action revolvers, striker fired handguns, and double-action/single-action pistols like the Sig Sauer are the easiest to develop a smooth draw stroke with.

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