Getting Started with Puppy Linux

Imagine being able to make your laptop a brand new computer in less than 5 minutes.

Sounds impossible right?

It is very possible with a LiveCD Operating System like Puppy Linux.

Why use Puppy Linux?

  • Much less vulnerable to malware
  • Does not leave anything on the hard drive unless you tell it to
  • Come pre-loaded with commonly used applications
  • Very useful for using a computer whose operating system on the hard drive may have been compromised
  • Good way to recover files if Windows will not boot up
  • It is very good for setting up a “terminal” in a place where there are a lot of users coming and going and your end users are utilizing “cloud” services such as Gmail and Google Docs.

Getting  Started 

  1. Download the .iso file
  2. Burn it to CD-R
  3. Find out how to access your particular laptop’s BIOS boot menu
  4. Power off your computer
  5. Press the appropriate key combination to access the boot menu
  6. Select the CD/DVD drive
  7. Plug in an ethernet cable or setup your wifi information
  8. Have fun!

Things to Remember

  • Downloaded files will not save unless you save them to a memory stick or portable hard drive
  • Everything in Puppy Linux runs in RAM, so the moment the power is cut off, everything disappears!
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