Counter Abduction Principles

Great article for those with young children. I strongly recommend reading anything from HCS. They are an excellent source of training and information based out in Texas.

The Tactical Hermit

You see it on the news…a botched child abduction in a Wal-Mart…your skin crawls and you think to yourself: “Would my kid(s) know what to do if somebody tried that?” The plain truth is that your kids will most likely NOT know what to do if you don’t talk to them about it and teach them frequently. You don’t have to make it scary or weird, just be matter of appreciate honesty and can sniff out BS quicker than you think..atleast mine can. To get a quick snapshot of the situation, in 2011, there were over 58,000 kids abducted by “non-family” members, of these 58,000 only 115 were what the FBI called “sterotypical” kidnappings and/or abductions. So in the big scheme of things, despite what the media scares people to think, abductions are a rare event, but as in all things, “We hope for the best but ALWAYS prepare for the WORST.”


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