What is wrong with this picture?

What is wrong with this picture?

Can you spot the tactical FAILS here?

This photo came from www.saysuncle.com

  1. Gun in plain view begging to be stolen
  2. Gun unattended begging to be stolen
  3. The window of the truck is open
  4. The 1911 pistol is being carried with the hammer down, cocking the hammer back is a fine motor skill that is severely degraded under extreme stress.
  5. Looking at the hammer down, one may make the assumption that the 1911 pictured is likely being carried with an empty chamber, which is really stupid.
  6. The holster is one of those cheap low quality floppy nylon holsters.
    • A cheap holster is a mark of tactical idiocy.
    • Floppy nylon holsters easily snag onto the sharp edges of the gun on a fast draw.
  7. Crappy holster is also not even anchored down to aid in “clearing leather”.
  8. Said crappy holster is positioned for cross draw, which means that a left hand draw would be telegraphed and a right hand draw would be inordinately difficult to pull off under extreme stress.
  9. The thumb strap over the gun would be difficult to unsnap in an emergency situation
  10. Spare magazine is in a very inaccessible position
  11. It is a 1911 (LOL).
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One comment on “What is wrong with this picture?
  1. RDoug says:

    And, of course, the worst tactical “fail” of all — it’s not a Walther P99c AS.

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist.


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