Setting Up a Home Defense Pistol

When planning out home defense, the firearm is treated as the last line of defense. It is critical that you develop a good home defense plan first and foremost.

  • Flashlight
    • I like the L3 Insight Pistol mounted flashlight because it takes AA batteries that are regularly available compared to the CR123 batteries.
    • There is also a model with a laser sight that mounts directly below the bore
  • Extended Magazine
    • 33 rounds of 9mm or 22 rounds of .40 Smith and Wesson
    • Extra weight helps control muzzle rise during rapid fire.
    • Stick with the Glock brand magazines, the KCI and Scherer magazines are junk.
    • The reason for the extended magazine is simply that bad guys often travel in packs and it saves you time reloading if you are caught off guard.
  • Hollowpoint ammunition
    • Hornady Critical Defense
    • Corbon DPX
    • Federal Premium
  • Night Sights
    • Trijicons are solid night sights.
  • The same concepts apply to other pistols as well.
  • You can put a KRISS magazine on a Glock 21
  • You can install night sights on any pistol
  • The vast majority of modern handguns are equipped with a rail to mount a flashlight.
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