Dawn of the Wiki Weapons

Very interesting development.

Observations on the Defense Distributed Liberator Pistol

  • It is a single shot pistol much like the Liberator Pistol of World War 2, so it is much more of a bushwacking type weapon than something for sustained defense.
    • The original liberator pistol’s method of use was that a partisan fighter would casually walk up to a Nazi soldier, shoot him in the back of the head and take his Stg-44, Mauser 98, or MP40.
    • This goes back to the fact that pistols are not Klingon death rays. Pistol bullets have to hit a vital organ to be incapacitating.
  • It is a weapon that could be acquired in places where only the wealthy and connected can (legally) own guns.
  • It can be deployed defensively, however a backup weapon (another gun, a blade, or stick) would likely be needed as well.
M1942 Liberator pistol

M1942 Liberator pistol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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2 comments on “Dawn of the Wiki Weapons
  1. CrankyBuddha says:

    Based on the Forbes article on the DD Liberator, I think we will see continued improvements on the design and the build. It will probably never be more than a backup weapon or one intended to be used as the original Liberator (hence the name, I believe).
    Interestingly, most of the WWII Liberators were never distributed and were eventually destroyed. One article cited Soviet opposition to the plan. They didn’t want a bunch of these things floating around Eastern Europe during their occupation. I think the concept scared many of the governments involved. Goes back to the monopoly of violence.


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