The 1911 Sucks (TROLOLOLOL!)

He owns a Glock.


If you ever want to start a flame war on a firearms related internet forum, just start bashing any particular platform or caliber and someone who has invested a lot of money/practice time in that platform will likely chime in and provide you with a 1000 word essay detailing why you are wrong.

Bashing the 1911 pistol can be deliciously fun so let’s begin!

The magazines are flimsy and prone to bent lips.

Above: A 1911 user during a tactical course.

External safeties work against you

Above: The 1911 manual of arms.

The Magazine capacity (or lack thereof)

Above: The 1911 in action.

They are annoying to field strip 

“ARRRRGH! I just fieldstripped my first 1911!”

They often cost twice as much as a modern striker-fired pistol


The subcompact 1911s make the suckage even more refined! 


If you have a 1911 that you have put hundreds of rounds through and can readily draw from concealment quickly and smoothly, then I salute you.

If you are considering a .45 ACP as your first gun, then get a Glock 21 or a Sig 220 and save yourself the drama.

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8 comments on “The 1911 Sucks (TROLOLOLOL!)
  1. Bulletmen says:

    You damn right you start a war Skippy !
    The 1911 been going strong since ,well,1911. Yeah,it is archaic,does not hold a lot of bullets,heavy and requires attention.
    Always gave me a good feeling cocked and locked on the hip. Carried an 11 round mag for reload and a small hide out piece. Felt well armed.
    One good thing about 1911,it makes a dandy club if you have to beat someone with it. Try that with your plastic gun,Glock boy !
    The 1911 is not for everyone,but respect the man (or woman) that knows how to use it.
    Still keep a couple of 1911s around for old times sake. Too damn heavy to carry anymore,hate to say it,switched to a miniGlock 9(rhymes with rock) a few years ago for serious carry.They work,but they ain’t no 1911 !


  2. The Learned Sergeant says:

    Ewww, but Glock sights are so damn terrible. And the mag well feels paper thin. My carry piece is a 1911, I like having a heavy chunk of metal on my hip, but I can see the attraction to striker fired pistols. But if you’re going that route, get an XD.

    But in the end, the fact that everyone seems to miss is that pistol choice is 90% simply how that thing feels in your hand. I’m sentimental. I principally carry a 1911 because 1) it feels good in my hand after I fatten up the grip, and 2) it’s what Marines were carrying into the Pacific.


    • Glock sights can always be switched out… 😉

      If you find a 1911 that works and can go for an extended course of fire then KEEP IT.

      The issue with the 1911 pattern pistol, the AR, and the AK is that everyone can make one (public domain designs) and the quality can vary widely.


    • lwk2431 says:

      “[the 1911] it’s what Marines were carrying into the Pacific…”

      Marines are famous for making do with what they have. My son is currently a U.S. Marine and he really used to like my M1 Garand but currently prefers rifles (and machine guns) with pistol grips.

      I think the grip thing (how it feels) is a real personal thing. I find the Glock 19 and 26 both fit me pretty well. The latter also fits ok for “Mexican carry” too, rubber band and all. 🙂



  3. lwk2431 says:

    The 1911 was a great piece of engineering in its day. Fans have done tons of good stuff keeping it up to date. But today we have pistols like the Glock and they are enormously superior for CQB. Pull it out, point it, pull the trigger. Bang. Simple, easy to operate, and dead reliable.

    Proud owner of a model 19 and 26.



  4. I got a Kimber Pro Carry from a friend for $500…works great. It’s first 1911, but ex-wife swore by ’em because they were the best fit to her hand. I prefer a Walther PPQ or Witness in 10mm, but it’s just oo handsome not to wear daily.


  5. RDoug says:

    Or get yourself an SW99 (based upon the Walther P99 AS, but chambered in .45 ACP).

    Also love my Sig P220 Compact SAS Gen 2, by the way.


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