Safe Gun Storage and Home Risk Scenarios

Today we are going to go over scenarios that involve the human interaction element of safe gun storage and “nightmare scenarios” concerning safe storage.

“The monster in my house”

English: An example how a hardware based PS/2 ...

English: An example how a hardware based PS/2 keylogger is connected. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thing to remember about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre is that the murderer got his guns by killing his mother and then stealing the guns she owned.

One could argue that Nancy Lanza unwittingly enabled Adam Lanza’s murder spree.

Nancy Lanza appeared to be in a state of denial as to the extent of her son’s mental problems, possibly hoping that they would resolve on their own and ultimately paid for it with her life.

It is a parent’s responsibility to know EXACTLY what their kids are up to, whether they like it or not.

It is extremely important that you read and familiarize yourself with the content in this link: Five Stages of the Active Shooter,

Here is an example of an alert parent who did the right thing:

If you believe that your loved one may be in one of the Five Stages of the Active Shooter, then all guns and weapons in the house must IMMEDIATELY be fully secured or removed from the home until intervention (law enforcement and psychiatric) is implemented and the danger is neutralized.

Attacks like Columbine High School, Sandy Hook Elementary, or the Virginia Tech Massacre do not happen randomly or suddenly.

Active shooter attacks happen when warning signs are ignored.

The easiest time to detect such a crime before it happens is during the fantasy, planning, and preparation phases of the active shooter attack.

Here is how parents can keep tabs on what their kids are doing. Keep in mind to know and obey all applicable laws when it comes to anything that involves the interception of communications.

  • Teach yourself how to use a key logger and surreptitiously install them on every computer in the house.
    • Use a combination of hardware and software keyloggers on every computer in the house.
    • There are parental monitoring apps out there for both the iPad and the Android tablets.
    • When sorting through the collected data, pay close attention to anything that comes after “”.
      • You can also use “CTR+F” to access the “Find” command to sift through the text captured for keywords.
  • Hire someone to configure a home network monitoring solution to capture outgoing traffic on the network or do it yourself.
  • You can also install a variety of hidden cameras to track activity

Suicide Risk

  • Train yourself to understand the warning signs that a person in your house may be suicidal
  • Here is a link to know the warning signs
    • IMMEDIATELY store all guns in a vault or safe in which the combination cannot be guessed and only you have the key or remove them from the home in the care of someone you trust until your loved one’s mental problems have been resolved.
    • If you think the person in question may have a key or know the combination, dissassemble the guns in the house and maintain control of the critical parts.
    • You could also  secure the actions with a python cable lock as well.
  • Get the person help immediately.


The scenarios above are two risk scenarios in which early detection of the threat is paramount to preventing tragedy.

It is very hard to imagine that a loved one may be troubled but ignoring the problem only hurts the loved one even more.

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