This is not Call of Duty…

I think this is very cool game idea in the sense that it stresses the importance of understanding each aspect of operating a firearm.

Imagine instead of “X” for reload and “RT” for shoot you had to do this in Call of Duty.

  • “A” to drop the magazine
  • “B” to pull out a fresh magazine from the magazine pouch
  • “C” to put a new magazine in the gun
  • “D” to pull back the slide
  • “E” to assume a proper pistol grip
  • “F” to shoot
  • “G” to holster the gun
  • “H” to transition to a long gun
  • “E” to shoulder the gun
  • “F” again to shoot
  • “LT” and “RT” to run
  • “G” to crouch
  • “H” to clear the cover garment
  • “H” again if you foul clearing the cover garment.
  • “I” to load cartridges into an empty magazine


Each facet of operating a firearm defensively or recreationally can be thought of as an individual skill to develop.

Which ones are you working on in your dry fire practice?

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