This is not Call of Duty…

I think this is very cool game idea in the sense that it stresses the importance of understanding each aspect of operating a firearm.

Imagine instead of “X” for reload and “RT” for shoot you had to do this in Call of Duty.

  • “A” to drop the magazine
  • “B” to pull out a fresh magazine from the magazine pouch
  • “C” to put a new magazine in the gun
  • “D” to pull back the slide
  • “E” to assume a proper pistol grip
  • “F” to shoot
  • “G” to holster the gun
  • “H” to transition to a long gun
  • “E” to shoulder the gun
  • “F” again to shoot
  • “LT” and “RT” to run
  • “G” to crouch
  • “H” to clear the cover garment
  • “H” again if you foul clearing the cover garment.
  • “I” to load cartridges into an empty magazine


Each facet of operating a firearm defensively or recreationally can be thought of as an individual skill to develop.

Which ones are you working on in your dry fire practice?


Firearms Instructor in the DC Metro Area

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