The Discretionary Mindset

This was posted about a year ago when the Trayvon Martin case hit the news. The principles in it are still very applicable even if the facts have changed. I believe ZImmerman’s next court date is JUne 10th. Pay very close attention to this case. Stay up to speed on unarmed combatives and the use of less than lethal weapons as well. The gun is not a magic totem that makes all evil go away by its very presence.

The Tactical Hermit

With the recent headlines of the neighborhood watch shooting of Treyvon Martin by Martin Zimmerman in Sanford Florida, I thought it pertinent to touch upon the topic of discretion in relation to Concealed Carry and personal defense. Since the gun-prohibitionist movement wants to use this case to demonize ALL people who carry concealed firearms, I will be commenting on what we need to do as RESPONSIBLE gun owners and Concealed Carry License Holders to combat the type of behavior Mr. Zimmerman exhibited that night, as documented in the Sanford PD report. The bottom line is Zimmerman was within his legal means OWNING and CARRYING the weapon, but not how he USED the weapon. This I believe is a training and education issue that each individual concealed gun owner needs to address. We will reverse engineer this scenario and discuss in detail how we do that.

Firstly, let’s define Discretion from Webster’s:

“Quality of being discreet; careful in speech and conduct; prudent, cautious.”

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