The Murder of Andrea Rebello

The Murder of Andrea Rebello

Please read the above article and start to think about how this tragedy could have been prevented.


  • The bad guy was a parole absconder with a VERY long rap sheet for violent crimes.
  • The victims were unarmed.
  • The bad guy came into the house right through an open door.
  • Immediate hostage rescue situations are high risk by their very nature.
    • The time to conduct pre-mission planning is next to non-existent along with the ability to collect and analyze tactical intelligence on the situation.
    • Multiple breach point entries might be something to examine when having to carry out an immediate rescue or when developing responses to such a scenario.
    • Initial reports state that two police officers breached through the front door and one of the officers confronted the bad guy as he was dragging Andrea Rebello out the back door.
      • SOPs could be altered to train first responders to breach by multiple points of entry if the situation may dictate it.
  • Hostage rescue shots are extremely difficult to make successfully
    • Initial reports state that Andrea Rebello died from shots fired by a police officer who has confronted the bad guy who had the victim in a headlock as he was dragging her out the back door.


This crime happened in a place where the legal environment is prohibitive to private gun ownership and it is culturally frowned upon and yet this sort of crime still happened and the canards spouted by the gun prohibitionist movement (CSGV, Brady Campaign, MAIG, etc.) are again shown to be lies.

Anyone who tells you that you should just rely on the government to protect you, is either ignorant or does not have your best interest at heart.

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