Improvised Weapons

Improvised weapons are basically things that we can deploy as a weapon should a gun, fighting knife, baton, or defensive spray not be available.

Keep in mind that improvised weapons are to be deployed using sound combative techniques as shown in Jim Grover’s Combatives.

Here are some examples.

  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Broken Beer Bottle
    • This is often invoked in Hollywood productions when they show a bar fight scene but actually can be useful if deployed aggressively however being drunk and in a bar fight does not really put you “in the right” legally…
  • Rigid Pen
    • Look for one with a metal body.
    • Smith and Wesson sells a number of tactical pens along with other vendors.
  • Scissors
    • The much maligned DHS active-shooter response video had something half-right.
    • It is all about having something pointy and the aggressiveness to use it in total commitment to the attack.
  • Bleach Spray Bottle or Cleaning Spray
    • Drain cleaner has some rather frightening effects.
      • Google “Katie Piper” and you will get an idea of what drain cleaner attacks can do.
  • Flashlight
    • Can be used to improve your situational awareness and to strike in a hammer fist.
  • Mop or Broom
    • Use this in an jabbing motion (like a spear) to get the most out of it as opposed to using it as a swinging weapon
  • Flexible Weapons
    • Think of a whipping motion. You want to keep your flail relatively short so you can quickly reset it when striking.
    • The Thuggee Cult was notorious for deploying cloth as a strangulation weapon.

Keep in mind that so much of self-protection is 10% technique and 90% attitude no matter what weapon is in your hand.

For more information, you should pick up the Michael Janich DVD Forever Armed. There are also some excellent photographs online of weapons made by prisoners.

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