Windows Malware: Prevention and Removal

Whether we like it or not, Microsoft Windows is on the vast majority of laptop and desktop computers out there for the time being.

Run Windows Update for starters.

English: The free logo of Microsoft Windows of...

English: The free logo of Microsoft Windows of simple shapes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This means that there is a monoculture that malware writers will target for building botnets and stealing personal information.


  • Be very wary of sites that promise free copyrighted software and movies
    • This is the digital version of going into the “bad side of town” to score dope, it is easy to get jacked up if you don’t know what you are doing.
  • Do not reflexively open file attachments in emils.
  • Use a variety of anti-malware programs.
  • Download multiple web browsing programs
  • Download and keep additional Registry Editing programs handy
  • Burn and keep a Puppy Linux LiveCD handy


  • Run RKill to stop any active processes
  • Run MalwareBytes and Spybot to clean out your system.
  • Restart your computer
  • If the infection still persists, then you may have to use a registry editor.
    • Follow the registry editing instructions from an online tutorial pertaining to the type of malware your Windows OS has been infected with.
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