Beating, robbery caught on tape

A very bad night out caught on tape.


  • If you go out drinking, don’t get caught alone and separated from your buddies.
  • Don’t go to stupid places with stupid people.
  • Keep moving! Do not let yourself get surrounded.
  • This happened in Baltimore, so I would recommend having some sort of non-gun defensive device on you.
  • The attack begins by the initial enticement, then the pickpocketing and then when the victim challenges one of the assailants (by eye contact and walking straight up with no hands up in a guard position) he gets decked and then it becomes like Hyenas on the Discovery Channel.
  • Fight your way through the ambush.
    • Most ambush attackers expect the victim to do nothing
    • If your response to an ambush is to lie down and do nothing, then you will lie down and get beaten or worse. Not a good response.
  • If you are in a fixed position, it is very easy for multiple assailants to triangulate and corner you.
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