Store Clerk Shoots Robber

As mentioned in a basic pistol class, handgun bullets are not Klingon death rays, even with a headshot.

This is not Call of Duty in which a headshot gives the player a 35x damage multiplier!

The clerk shoots the bad guy in the jaw, the shot incapacitates the bad guy.

Notice how the clerk holds his fire after the bad guy is down and no longer aiming his gun at the clerk? The clerk did the right thing.

The clerk shot to stop the threat.

He was not “shooting to kill” because that is not the goal of self-protection.

Now if the bad guy was downed and still trying to aim his gun at the clerk, then the clerk would have had to shoot to stop the threat.

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2 comments on “Store Clerk Shoots Robber
  1. You have been the victim of a hoax. This story can’t be true. The guy was a convicted felon so it wasn’t possible for him to have a gun. That would be illegal.


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