Getting Yourself Ready for a Shooting Class

Good set of travel tips for classes from retired SEAL Kyle DeFoor.

Here are some class preparation pointers that I have learned over the years.

  • Just about every gun course advertisement will make clear what equipment you should bring with you.
  • Glock recoil springs can wear out, so keep an extra or two with you.
    English: Pistol Glock 30 caliber 45 ACP, strip...

    English: Pistol Glock 30 caliber 45 ACP, stripped Polski: Pistolet samopowtarzalny Glock 30 kalibru .45 ACP, rozłożony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Another good thing to keep is a spare barrel or just a spare pistol in case of a squib load.
  • Also make sure that you are wearing a solid leather gun belt.
    • DO NOT use a thin leather belt purchased at Nordstrom’s!
  • Be sure to have a QUALITY kydex (hard plastic) holster that you practice drawing from concealment frequently.
    • Leather holsters are great, if they are broken in and practiced with.
  • Most importantly you will have to prepare yourself for a training class.

    • Start with dry-fire practice to draw from concealment and then work your way over to draw and live-fire from concealment.
    • Be in reasonable physical condition. Burpees are good exercises to do to prep yourself for some of the more “rough and tumble” courses out there.
    • Keep an open and analytical mind.
      • Don’t automatically disregard a gun guru/trainer simply because SuperTacticoolDude357 (who has 6,708 posts on said he sucks, you should ask a basher to articulate why he thinks a particular guru sucks. You will most likely get no reply for a variety of reasons.
      • Stay away from “forum wars” and the petty rivalries than can develop between instructors and their respective groupies.
        • For the uninitiated, I will be posting an article later on why the gun training industry has its own “dirty laundry” and drama at times.
    • Most importantly, get ready to have fun!
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