“I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me”

Apparently the singer Rockwell was right.

Someone is watching us, or at least storing every online record in a giant round file that may or may not ever be read by a human being and probably won’t even stop the next pair of Boston bombers.

Here are some things you can do to protect your privacy.

  • Write your congress critter.
    • One constituent letter is often treated as a 1,000 votes on an issue to a congressman.
      • This is part of why NRA is as effective as they are.
  • Go to PRISM-Break.org
  • Use Startpage.com instead of Google.
  • Join EFF
  • Get on the ACLU‘s action alert list
    • They do good work on privacy litigation and free speech even though I think they waste resources litigating establishment clause cases.
  • Support the TOR Project
    • Given that most of America’s real enemies are ideologies and nation states that hate the idea of individual liberty, lending support to an anonymizing network that helps dissidents really is the patriotic thing to do.
  • Start using a Linux based operating system such as Puppy Linux.
  • Burn TAILS to a LiveDVD and read your online news somewhat anonymously.
  • Read here on how to defeat keyloggers
  • Use file encryption
    • Whole disk encryption is important if your laptop is ever stolen, it prevents the data on the laptop from being extracted.
      • Check your make and model of laptop for any compatibility issues with TrueCrypt
      • Store your files on a backup drive first in case of failure
      • Run the TrueCrypt installer
      • Make sure your passphrase is greater than 20 characters and includes symbols, numbers, and upper and lower case letters.
      • Don’t forget your passphrase!
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