Fanny Packs

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are convenient for three scenarios:

  • Leaving the gym
  • Defensive use while jogging
  • Home carry
    • Think of the Cheshire, Connecticut Home Invasion murders

What I like about the fanny pack is that it is independent of the rest of your clothing. You can be in your pajamas and still be armed without having to strap on a belt.

My only caveat about them is that they are little better than open carry in terms of concealment as they are well known to be used to carry a gun. The only brand that I have liked so far has been the Ka-Bar since it doesn’t have a wide body that gives it away as containing a gun.

Also, be sure to work on your draw stroke REPEATEDLY with a fanny pack. The fanny pack usually opens by a zipper so you will want to have something that weighs down the covering flap so it can clear easily.

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