Shootout in Northern California

Above is video of a shootout that resulted in the death of  Yolo County Deputy Tony Diaz. The killer Marco Topete has since been convicted and is currently incarcerated.


  • Notice how Marco Topete pointed his car in a direction to make it appear as if he was running towards the field.
    • Marco Topete did a variation on a tactical maneuver known as a “peel”.
      • The purpose of which is to confuse the enemy as to which direction you are running in.
  • People who have been shot or stabbed may not even realize how bad the wound is.
    • Deputy Tony Diaz is still conscious and speaking for much of the video.
  • Larger diameter caliber rifle cartridges are often more effective than .223/5.56mm
  • Rifle bullets will penetrate soft kevlar vests because of the speed they move at.
    • Rifle bullets require hard armor (steel, ceramic, or polyethylene) to stop.
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