Police review video of Midwest City hostage incident

This video is a full reconstruction of a hostage crisis in Midwest City, Oklahoma. What is really cool about this video is that you get to see the entire incident from the bad guy’s initial approach to its conclusion.


  • Great on-the-fly thinking and tactical planning by the officers involved.
  • Keep your eyes on your kid at all times when in a store
  • There are times when the irrational will strike in the worst possible ways.
  • One behavioral “tell”, or pre-incident indicator, I noticed from the assailant was that his walk seemed to have this odd “stomp” to it that was not really normal or in line with how most people go about shopping at the grocery store.
  • The assailant also was “circling” the area looking for a target of opportunity.
    • Think of how sharks and other predators will often circle around an area when hunting for prey.

Needless to say, Officer David Huff deserves a medal for his actions in rescuing that little girl.

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