Gun Prohibition Paradise: 10 Murders Since Wednesday Night


And in other news, water is wet.


Chicago: Late Night Weekend Tally 10 Dead + 40 Wounded With Saturday Night Still To Go

Posted on July 6, 2013 by Stranger

The running tally on Chicago just hit ten dead and either 39 or 40 wounded since 6:00 PM Wednesday night.

And in the meantime – the major print and broadcast media in our newest Constitutional Carry State’s lead stories read:

Fort Smith.) Firefighters see little increase in activity due to fireworks

Little Rock.) Arkansas Highways Rated 36th in New Report

Jonesboro.) Police: Teen assaulted by mother’s boyfriend

Little Rock.) Firework “Bomb” Suspects Receive Police Chief’s “Stupid Award”

Little Rock.) Performance enhancing drugs: what’s safe and what’s not?

Little Rock.) LRPD Looking for 2 Men Accused of Robbing a Homeless Man

Little Rock.) THV Extra: Generation Now shaping new economy

Helena.) Illnesses prompt wide Whole Foods cheese recall

Arkadelphia.) NSA scandal: Nicaragua, Venezuela offer Edward Snowden asylum

Plenty of stories but no murders in the headlines.


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2 comments on “Gun Prohibition Paradise: 10 Murders Since Wednesday Night
  1. Basharr says:

    I have a friend in Little Rock, He is a brave old man who took on the gangs and drug dealers. He testified against some drug dealers and came home one day to find his dog had been killed, another day to find his son had been beaten and there have as well been two drive-bys done on his home. We in this nation are dealing with an epidemic where people think they are above the law and do as they please. My friend knew he was inviting trouble by testifying but he chose to be a man, a citizen and believed justice was deserved. An interesting turn of events is he is allowed concealed carry of some serious fire power.We need more people willing to do the right thing even though there are risks. The paradise criminals would enjoy in a gun free country should never come to pass….EVER!


    • The unwillingness to talk to police is part of why a lot of gang killings go unsolved.

      I posted an article on the blog a while back called “A little girl shot and a crowd that didn’t see” which illustrates the issue perfectly.


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