Why Pork Laced Ammo is Stupid

Why Pork-Laced Ammo is Stupid

For today’s post we are going to look at the FAIL that is Jihawg Ammo.

Here is why I think that you shouldn’t use it.

  1. The aggressive labeling (black and red with a death metal album font) and the gimmick sales premise can be used against you in the legal aftermath of a defensive shooting.
  2. The projectile is nothing more than remanufactured TMJ /FMJ with what looks like a coat of pink paint over the bullet.

You are better off buying practice ammo at the range for less than the cost of this junk. If you are selecting defensive ammo, stick with Hornady or Corbon DPX.

You could also call the local police department and ask what they use.

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3 comments on “Why Pork Laced Ammo is Stupid
  1. Basharr says:

    Pork Chops….LOL this should be a novelty, now I remember some decent ammo, Black Talon meant to stop and drop. I believe it is no longer in production though.


    • Black Talon is still made. They just don’t call it Black Talon anymore. It is called Ranger SXT. SXT stood for “Same Exact Thing”. The only difference was the bullet itself wasn’t coated with a black finish.


    • T says:

      BlackTalon is more of a collector’s item now and has been supplanted in effectivness by Federal Premium HST


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