Don’t Butcher Your Glock!

This gun is an accident/negligent discharge waiting to happen.

English: Glock 17, second generation

English: Glock 17, second generation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can understand modifying your gun, but don’t modify your gun to a point where it isn’t safe just for the sake of well…I can’t even tell why the guy who modified his Glock like that even did it.

What is really a shame about this hackjob is that the gun is destroyed because of what the owner did to it.

I consider the gun destroyed because it cannot be safely operated as designed anymore.


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4 comments on “Don’t Butcher Your Glock!
  1. Purpura says:

    This wouldn’t be allowed in any of my courses. Any Range Master shouldn’t allow that on a range either. I don’t even see sights.


  2. mike says:

    THAT’S CRAZY. They call it a trigger guard for a reason. He could sell the slide but the frame is worthless.


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