Maximizing Your Non Gun EDC Kit

EDC is an acronym for “Every Day Carry” that refers to the “stuff” that we carry around with us every day.

Ask yourself what do you carry with you when you ride the train to work or drive to work?

What do you carry with you in the evenings and on the weekends?

Most often the following items will come up:

  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Cellular phone or smartphone
  • Work badge or pass
  • Laptop bag or purse

Here are some enhancements you can make to the items listed above.

  • Get a wallet with a zipper to keep stuff from from falling out
  • Periodically purge your wallet of receipts and other paper junk
  • Use a lightweight aluminum carabiner and lanyard as your key chain
  • Use thick metal key chain loops to connect your keys to the carabiner
  • If you work or play around water, get one of those neon colored floating devices for a keychain
  • Put an Otterbox Defender on your phone
  • Keep a spare travel charger for your phone
  • Get a solid one piece neck lanyard and an EK USA One Hander for your work ID badge
  • Put your metro pass or SmartTrip card on the same lanyard as the work badge.
  • Use packing tape or Gorilla tape to reinforce points that are vulnerable to breakage and to keep the smart trip card from falling out of the holder
  • Keep a “pocket trauma kit” or other emergency medical kit in your purse or laptop bag (include aspirin as well)

The above tips are meant to both simplify your life and also provide you with a level of preparedness for the unexpected.

The Otterbox protected phone and the carabiner key chain also double as impact weapons.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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One comment on “Maximizing Your Non Gun EDC Kit
  1. Basharr says:

    Purging receipts…LOL My wife is constantly reminding me that my wallet is not a recycling bin. I save receipts some times until I cannot close the wallet. I tell her it is tinder in a survival situation. =)


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