I am teaching the Beginner’s Handgun class just about every Saturday and Sunday in the Washington, DC Metro Area. Lecture-only courses are $75 per student.

  • Introduction to Firearms,
  • Home Defense,
  • Personal Defense Outside the Home,
  • Child Safety,
  • “Beyond the Gun”,

One on One Live Fire Training Sessions are $75 Per Hour. Use the form below to contact me.

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3 comments on “Courses
  1. What is the point of teaching gun safety to people who cannot own guns?


    • gunsafetypro says:

      Emphasis on “Metro Area” which refers to people living in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

      It took a Supreme Court decision but DC residents can legally own guns even though it is more expensive and more cumbersome and restrictive.

      Gun safety is something that EVERYONE should understand the core principles of even if they never touch a gun in their life.

      When “out in the wild” you cannot predict when they will come across a gun either through an acquaintance or elsewhere.

      I would rather people learned quality gun information as opposed to learning about guns from Grand Theft Auto 5 or Hollywood movies.


      • OK. I can agree with that. I have said before that gun safety should be taught in the public schools to ten year olds. The current campaign of “just go tell an adult” is morally bankrupt and stupid. It is against children’s nature to “go tell an adult” when they know the adult will take the fun away from them and likely punish them for reporting it.


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