Lessons from the George Zimmerman Trial

Image Even though Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin has been ruled self-defense by the jury, Zimmerman is likely going to have to “look over his shoulder” for a very long time due to the publicity surrounding this case. Some Observations

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14 comments on “Lessons from the George Zimmerman Trial
  1. RealDefense says:

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    I wrote this about 3 years ago and since this clown is back in the news…


    • “Be “Fit to Fight”
      Get up to speed on your cardio conditioning and your unarmed combatives
      Any sort of “Crossfit-style” workout program helps.
      Cut out starches and breads from your diet
      PROTIP: A 96 oz Coke is about 1040 empty calories…”

      Really? I thought this was a GUN site. You wanna fight a thug like Trayvon with your hands? Good fucking luck. That “kid” was all muscle, he’s been fighting and kicking ass his entire life. If he’s on top of you, you have no choice but to pull out a gun and shoot him until he stops attacking.

      Besides, there are people in wheelchairs that have used guns successfully, their are 90-year-olds that have shot burglars. They’re certainly not fit to fight, but they’re fit to shoot.

      Whatever, go do your crossfit classes, jock. Hope you enjoy your wots and all that other BS.


  2. ??? Really got to wonder about some of the observations posted. Yes, good advice in general but exactly WHAT does for instance, be CPR certified have to do with the Zimmerman case ?
    How would Pepper Spray have helped ?
    Zimmerman did a lot of things wrong. But, bottom line is the Trayvon thug attacked him and tried to get his gun. The thug was killed for his criminal assault.
    Two things that really stand out:
    Do not underestimate your potential opponent.
    When your lawyer says to keep your mouth shut then SHUT UP.

    The “fit to fight” does apply to Zimmerman as he was a fairly young man and looked to be a bit out of shape. Does not apply the same to older folks or those with disabilities. Perhaps be “as fit as you can be to fight ” would be better.


    • I agree with your response, the say God created man but Colt made them equal.

      We all have different levels of fitness, call it biology, call it circumstance, it doesn’t matter. There was a time in my life that I lost 65 pounds with a personal trainer but gained $10,000 in debt. Now I’m debt free and 65-pounds heavier, but I’m OK with that. I also hear that most of the Biggest Loser contestants have gained all their weight back, they have screwed their metabolism, one contestant even gains weight if he eats more than 800-calories a day. The New York Times wrote a story about it, and I believe them.


      • Jason L says:

        So you are rationalizing the fact that you are a fat-ass pussy, and making up reasons why it is ok. It doesn’t cost money to lose weight, it SAVES money. Besides, excuses.

        You are the reason that anti-gunners infer that guns are a phallic symbol.

        Stop relying on a tool (that you probably couldn’t employ if that 17 year old badass Trayvon were punching you) to protect you.


      • I see, you must be one of those fitness Nazis. “Achtung! You veel all look the same or die!”

        Bah, you think I give a fuck about anti-gunners? I’m already a member of the NRA, at least I’m doing my part unlike so many gun owners that can afford a $1,000 gun but think $35 a year is too much, and let me tell you, I give the NRA a lot more than $35 because our pro-gun war is expensive and they need all the help they can get.

        Furthermore, Zimmerman is PROOF that you don’t need to be ripped to survive a thug like Trayvon, all you need is a gun. I carry with a Sneaky Pete, it takes seconds to open the flap, remove the gun, and shoot the bastard.


      • RealDefense says:

        Zimmerman is proof that if you don’t secure the belt line and the hands when you have someone in mount, then they can draw a gun and shoot you.


      • RealDefense says:

        A good Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school costs about $1200 to $1500 for a year… #justsaying


      • “A good Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school costs about $1200 to $1500 for a year… ”

        Bah, you trust martial arts? I trust firearms. My Beretta Nano is stronger than Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwartznegger, Jet Li, etc. One shot in the belly, the leg, is enough to incapacitate them, a few more and they’re wasted.

        True, I’m useless in those gun-free zones, but you know what? I’m 41-years-old, I have better things to do than relive high school in a glorified gym class.


      • T says:

        I trust the ability to not have my gun fed to me face first.


  3. Th3b4gm4n says:

    As a formerly obese person that attitude boggles my mind. When I was terribly out of shape I never pretended that it was no big deal. Me 85lbs lighter and with a modicum of strength, conditioning and BJJ would totally eat my lunch 2 1/2 years ago, even though my shooting has only improved slightly in that time. There are obese men, 100 lb women, high school aged kids and guys in their 50’s doing BJJ at my gym.

    If that’s not in the cards for you that’s fine, but pretending it’s not an advantage is nothing but ego defense. If the Zim Zammer did BJJ 2 nights a week he’d be a lot happier, healthier and would have worked Trayvon without ruining his life.

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    • First of all, everyone has a shape, so nobody’s really out of shape. Some people are skinny, fat, obese, etc, that’s life. All men are not created equal, all men don’t have equal genetics, abilities, metabolism, etc. I’m not making excuses, I’m accepting reality.

      I once lost 65 pounds without doing any crash diet, my body wasn’t used to exercise and 2-3 days a week with the personal trainer and some walking on my own did the trick. But then, my body got used to the exercised and I gained it all back. See? Nature is a cunt, she designed us to store fat, most of us. That’s why the battle of the bulge is unwinnable.

      Tell me, will those guys do BJJ forever? No, like most people they will get bored, as soon as they do, their weight will come back.

      Besides, don’t underestimate a thug. My brother in law has a black belt in karate, yet he fears thugs because they’ve been fighting their entire lives, they know how to take a punch and how to give back more than what they get. Getting hit in a safe environment is very different from when it happens outside the class.

      The problem with thugs like Trayvon is they don’t realize that people in the south carry guns, specially white people, so you shouldn’t mess with us. Trayvon was from Miami, on suspension from school and visiting family in the southern part of Florida. He simply forgot his place, attacked a good man asking question, and got his just desserts.


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