“In God We Trust, All Others We Monitor”

“In God We Trust, All Others We Monitor”


As shown in the article above.


Home surveillance systems can be very useful for a wide variety of situations

Digital video recorder

  • Keeping track of what is going on when you are on vacation
  • Providing legal cover if you are involved in a defensive shooting in your home.
    • I am sure that clown Adam Kokesh wishes he had one in his house when he got raided for his publicity stunt in DC.
  • Reducing your home owner’s insurance costs (try negotiating with your insurance company

Keep these considerations in mind as well.


  • Consider a backup power source to the surveillance system

    051807 My Cameras with Notes.

    051807 My Cameras with Notes. (Photo credit: rachel a. k.)

  • Consider a secure cloud backup that can be remotely activated.
  • Consider a system that you can readily turn on and off.
  • Consider a DVR system that utilizes a hard drive with whole disk encryption.
  • Be sure to change the administrator password on the DVR!
    • Also be sure to change your home router‘s administrator password from the default!
  • Integrate the camera system with a smart phone to be able to see what is going on at home when you are away
  • Place the cameras near likely points of entry to your house.
  • You can also make use of dummy cameras as a deterrent for places in which it may be cost-prohibitive to place a camera.
  • You can use webcams around the house to augment your home surveillance system.
  • Be sure of which cameras can record audio and which ones do not
  • Be sure which camera’s video feed is recording to the DVR
  • Some DVRs have a mode where they record from one camera and just provide a real-time feed that is view-only
  • Be sure you have weather proof cameras
  • Try to place your outdoor cameras in a manner in which they will not be obviously seen
    • Obvious cameras on the outside of your house are a little too “drug dealer” in style!
English: Fake security camera in the Museum of...

English: Fake security camera in the Museum of Bad Art in Dedham, Massachusetts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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