Guns in Pop Culture: Red Dead Redemption

Today’s article is going to be the first in a series that looks at historically significant firearms as depicted in popular media such as movies and video games.

If you go to the National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, VA at the NRA Headquarters you will often see guns that you recognize in film and television.

To start off we are going to look at some of the guns wielded by the “tragic hero” characters of John Marston and his son Jack Marston in Rockstar Games’ classic spaghetti western inspired Red Dead Redemption.

  • Cattleman Revolver
    Italiano: Colt Single Action Army

    Italiano: Colt Single Action Army (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Double Action Revolver
    • This was a major innovation for its time in that you did not have to manually cock the gun for each shot.
  • 1911 Pistol
    • I think it is safe to say that the M1911 really popularized the semi-automatic pistol in American culture.
  • Lever Action Rifle
    A Winchester Model 1873 lever-action rifle

    A Winchester Model 1873 lever-action rifle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    • For the time period, this was rather serious in that it could be operated much more quickly that the single-shot and bolt-action rifles that were prevalent at the time.
  • Springfield 1903 Rifle
    M1903 "Springfield"

    M1903 “Springfield” (Photo credit: mr.smashy)

    • This was based on the Mauser action that just about all modern bolt action rifles are based off of.
  • Browning Auto-5
    • Designed by John Moses Browning, this was one of the first successful semi-automatic shotguns.

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