OMG! A Kel-Tec Product that Sucks?! Shocking!

Yet another craptacular product from Kel-Tec to be purchased by 21 year old mall ninjas in “No Limit Soldier” camo pants who don’t know any better and cannot yet afford

Kel-Tec Logo

Kel-Tec Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

something decent or whose selection criteria is a gun that “looks cool”.

PROTIP: George Zimmerman carried a Kel-Tec. Not exactly the mark of a tactical genius.

But in all seriousness, you buy a cheap gun like a Kel-Tec, then your odds of the gun giving you drama and malfunctions go up significantly.



English: Side view of a Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm, semi...

English: Side view of a Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm, semi-automatic, single stack magazine pistol. Pistol is blued finish with gray grip. Magazine has the grip extending floorplate installed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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11 comments on “OMG! A Kel-Tec Product that Sucks?! Shocking!
  1. deacon303 says:

    Thank God I’m not alone. I got my hands on one way back when they were wanted but never seen (used to work in a gun store) and my first impression was not positive… and I didn’t even fire it. I still refer to it as the zipper gun because the pump sounds like someone jerking the zipper on a jacket. But yeah, my thoughts on KelTec are not good ones anyway. I’ve never seen guns with issues like that, although Diamondback (same difference) and Taurus semi-autos come in a close second.


    • Taurus guns have improved over the years but it is that “hit or miss” aspect you get with an economy gun compared to a top tier manufacturer.


      • deacon303 says:

        I always used to tell customers about Taurus (I spent 7 years in sales in a gun store): If you get a good one, you’ll have an amazing gun for life. If you get a bad one, get rid of it because it will never be right.


      • OMG yes! I knew plenty of people who LOVED their PT-92s. Oftentimes swore up and down they were better than the Beretta 92s.


      • deacon303 says:

        That was one Taurus semi-auto we had almost no trouble out of. There was another older model semi that was all metal that they made for a while and I cannot remember what the model number was for the life of me, but that was the other one that seemed to be a very good piece.


      • IIRC, Taurus made a full-size Beretta 92 clone (PT-92) and a compact Beretta 92 clone called the PT-99. The big difference is that the safety/decocker was mounted on the frame and it could be carried “cocked and locked”.


  2. bulletmen says:

    Have been to the Kel Tec plant in Cocoa Fl. New,up to date machinery and good customer service.We have a few of the Kel Tec P32 pistols and like them a lot. They are reliable and carry well.Small as a .25 ,but a little more zip.3out of 4 worked fine after running 100 rounds through them. The 4th was dropped off for extraction issues,was fixed and works fine.
    That said,part of the problem with the KSG and other offerings from Kel Tec is they try to do too much and send out product that still have bugs/design issues.
    When this shotgun was first out on the market my thought was it would be a great Hollywood gun.
    Just the weapon for Arnold,Bruce or Sly.
    BTW,the Kel Tec did work for Zimmy in his moment of need.
    He could have avoided using it,but that is another issue.


    • 3/4 is better than 50-50, but I just can’t trust a Kel-Tec when I have better options.


    • terry says:

      actually nothing has changed, yes they have new equipment there, customer serive is ok yes, but only if you bought the gun new!! no, the gun is not much better………. I would not trust ANY kel tec with my life! and never buy a used one!!!


  3. John Mills says:

    I paid 550 for a new SUB 2k 9mm in Beretta Mag Config. Was very excited to FINALLY get one, new. Took it to the range, would not feed with included mags, Beretta new and used mags, etc.. Round out of mag would line up at bottom of barrel every time. Totally not checked at factory, even though it included a “fired” round. Called them, they were closed at 2pm on a Thursday and Friday. Emailed, no response for weeks. Finally got a hold of them, they gave me 4 hoops to jump through, and told me it could be MONTHS before they got to it. Traded it in at a significant loss. They are novelty items, nothing more, nothing less. They have ZERO quality control, as the gun I received could not possibly have been fired, EVER, and still came with a “spent” casing. AVOID, they are crap. If you want a good looking wall hanger (read: Art) they may foot the bill.


  4. John Mills says:

    PS: These are FIREARMS. Read the post above that is a “Pro” Keltec Post. Would you carry a firearms with a 25% failure rate? Can you imagine (heaven forbid) being placed in a situation where your life, or someone else’s life depended upon THAT math? Yes, one in four fail to work and have to go back to the factory when new…Pretty simple math…


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