Lakewood Revisited

LawOfficerVideo on Youtube has some great material.

Mapped out is the Forza coffee shop.

You can see how Officer Tina Griswold and Sergeant Mark Renninger were the first to be killed by Maurice Clemmons.

Officer Tina Griswold had her back to the entire crowd in the coffee shop, her peripheral vision was occluded to the left side by the cubicle like enclosure around the table they were sitting at and she was facing Sergeant Mark Renninger.

Sergeant Mark Renninger had his right side vision occluded by the cubicle enclosure. Sergeant Mark Renninger was also distracted taking care of paperwork on his laptop. Sergeant Mark Renninger was also boxed in by the cubicle enclosure, and the table and his chair.

All around it was a terrible position to be stuck in since he could not “Get off the X” to move out of the way of the attack of Maurice Clemmons.

So what can you take away from this?

  • Wearing a uniform in public will get you noticed for good or for bad.
    • Consider your apparel worn and what you might be telling outside observers about yourself based on your clothing.
  • When sitting down at a restaurant, try to position yourself or your group so that you may readily see who is coming in and out of the place.
  • Try not to box yourself in somewhere.
  • Our digital devices can be major distractions.
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One comment on “Lakewood Revisited
  1. Mike Shaw says:

    Great post! I do always try to sit facing the door anytime I go somewhere.


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