The Collapsible Baton

Learning how to use one of humanity’s oldest weapons is a vital skill. There really isn’t a whole lot that is particularly sophisticated. Simple and aggressive movement wins the day.


Baton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you haven’t done it yet, check out Kelly McCann’s DVD Collapsible Baton Tactics .

I consider it one of the most thorough learning modules on stick fighting out there.

I also have another PDF from SouthNarc on the collapsible baton for your reading as well.

You can download it from the link below.


Here is the text to read. The pictures are in the PDF.

Collapsible Baton
When I originally worked this one, I decided that just standing up and wailing the shit out of someone with a pipe really wasn’t anything that one couldn’t figure out on their own.
So We’re going to do some different stuff. What I’m showing you is not any LE program but is effective nonetheless for self defense. I’ve been instructor
certified by ASP among others and really don’t teach collapsible baton unless an agency requests it.

First let’s talk about carry.

I don’t carry a collapsible but in the past when I have in plain clothes, I like to carry it in my back pocket tip up like so.
I like tip up because it gets you higher on the baton when it’s sticking out of your pocket. When it’s tip down the butt is usually flush with the bottom of your hand when you establish grip and when you present it and try to flick it open there’s a greater chance of it flying out of your hand.

To complete the draw after establishing an initial grip with your thumb and index finger like in the previous photo, just lift it straight up and out, allowing the other three fingers to wrap around the baton.

This puts the majority of the length protruding from the bottom of your hand and allows you to hit with the butt just like you would thrust with a knife in reverse grip.

Go figure. Notice I’m thumbcapping the tip also which keeps the shafts from flying out until I’m ready to open it to it’s full length. This is generally how I run the
baton closed.

We’ll start this with me on the deck, him on top, popping me in the jib. I’ve covered my face and plan on getting a tool in hand.

I’m going to use the baton, instead of a gun or knife since this is the exercise and it’s in my right back pocket. The cornerstone principle of in-fight tool
access is to negate the adversary’s limb that is closest to your tool before you initiate the draw (see PSP 8 soon to be reposted) so we’ll do that by
jamming his right arm at the elbow across his body…

We’ll replace our right with the left maintaining pressure, lift the hips up off the deck, and establish grip on the baton. Remember this is just a moment in time and I can’t hold this for more than a second or so.

Completed draw ready to start wailing him. Which I do now by grabbing his head and smashing him in the face with the

Now I’ll open the baton with a short upward flick… …grab the shaft high up by the tip with my left hand… …and bar smash him.

We’ll bar smash him again and continue that into a shoving motion to improve our position. I kinda’ begin to squirm out at this point and buck a
I’ll use the baton to drive him all the way over until he’s no longer on top. Right now, we’re in a F.U.T. (see PSP 10) and I need to regain some initiative.

I’ll create a bit of space by driving with my knees into his mid-line, keeping his arm jammed.

And smoke him in the melon. This one starts from a north/south position which is pretty common in a real

His right arm is pretty well pinned by my back and shoulder so I don’t have to worry about securing it to get to the baton. Basically I know my In-Fight Weapon Access principle well enough to see the opportunity though I didn’t actually, actively create that opportunity. Remember that IFWA is a timing principle.
We’ll draw the baton…..and pop him in the back of the head with the butt. Just bottom edge of hand hitting here guys. That’s why I like pikal as an operating software to run any small contact weapon.
I extend the baton with an upward opening And then grab the shaft with my left hand and smash it into the back of his head and neck with a sharp pulling motion.
I’ll begin to improve position by pulling, levering, grinding with the baton and rolling to my right.
Until he’s on his back and I’m on top.
Another angle.

dmg ie, my own work

dmg ie, my own work (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll come up to one knee, snatch the baton out from behind his head and palm smash him in the face. At this point I can again wail away on him at leisure.
One more.

Here I’ve already got the baton in hand but he’s gotten in on me and has me bent backwards over a table. He’s also grabbed my baton and I can’t hold this for long because of the strength differential.
I’ll bring my left leg over to protect me from his punching right hand and grab the baton with my other hand so I have a two handed grip.

Kinda’ the same concept as the cross cut and swing (Hipkiss) only I’m doing it with my legs.
He responds by grabbing the baton with his other hand. In just a second he’s also going to pop his head out since I don’t have very much balance or strength when I’m half hanging off the table. I respond by swinging my right leg over his arm.

Now I have the Power of my entire trunk and start to extend my torso to make him let go of the baton.

You gotta’ be squirmy guys.

Now’s the time to get off the table on my terms instead of falling.
On my feet albeit somewhat unbalanced…
..which he takes advantage of by driving forward, tipping me backwards. But
I could be in a worse position.
This uncooperative, goal-oriented bastard just won’t quit and tries to roll up. So we’ll finish him with a bar choke that’s assisted by my driving, grinding shin.
That’s it for this one. I hope that gave you a little different perspective on
baton work and maybe added some things that aren’t normally taught in a
standardized certification. Remember none of this is the way just a way.

Author's own picture. Wooden baton painted white.

Author’s own picture. Wooden baton painted white. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Originally posted by Southnarc of ShivWorks and Total Protection Interactive.

This PDF file is created to aid students of self protection, as a tribute to those who wrote the content and is in no way a challenge to
the original author.

The format of this document is protected by a Creative Commons Licence.

Any derivative works must give attribution to the original author(s) of the content. The copyright for the
content is held by the original author.

I have edited spelling and grammar only. James Marwood

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