Tacticool Acronyms: IFWA

Today’s post is the first in a series of acronyms that are often bandied about on various tactical forums and in classes at times.

IFWA stands for “In Fight Weapon Access”.

To the best of my knowledge, the acronym was coined on the forum Total Protection Interactive

It basically boils down to how you are able to successfully access the correct weapon in response to a criminal assault situation.

An example of a successful IFWA would be a police officer noticing a suspect pulling a knife, moving off of the line of attack and shooting the assailant.

An example of a failed In Fight Weapon Access would be dropping a pistol during a purse draw or fanny pack draw.

Practicing IFWA

  • Wear your street clothes
  • Set up your concealment holster
  • Make sure there is no live ammunition in the training area!
  • Make sure there are no other live weapons in the training area!
  • Install a laser cartridge or dummy barrel in your handgun if you do not have a SIRT laser pistol or an airsoft pistol with the appropriate protective gear
  • Practice your five point drawstroke slowly until you can do it smoothly. Slow is smooth, fast is jerky!
  • As your draw becomes smoother, incorporate buzzers and timers into the practice routine
  • Incorporate other stressors into the routine such as the LaserLyte ReactionTyme targets
  • You can also have a buddy stand to the side of you and use a padded training baton to induce a stressor to foul your draw.
  • Move up to standing fights and mat work practice with your training buddy
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