Transitioning to the Backup Gun

Great PDF to read on your tablet from SouthNarc

Click here to download SNBug.pdf

Some pointers

  • Glock 26

    Glock 26 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Decide on how you are going to carry it!

    • Each method has its pros and cons
    • Options are:
      • Off hand appendix inside the waistband
      • Ankle holster
      • Belly band holster
      • Pocket holster
      • I personally dislike small of the back carry since the draw is rather obvious and can be easily fouled.
        • The gun can also be easily exposed by bending down to pick up something.
    • Whatever method you decide on, PRACTICE IT!
      • Better yet, practice it dry under simulated stress.
  • Revolvers make ideal backup guns since they are often more concealable than the Glock 26, Glock 27, or other semi-automatic pistols
  • A Crimson Trace laser helps a lot for instinctual point shooting.
  • Smaller and lighter is better!
  • I have really come to like the Ruger LCR and the Smith and Wesson J Frame revolvers.

    English: This is an image of a Ruger LCR chamb...

    English: This is an image of a Ruger LCR chambered in 38 Special +P. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Load your backup gun with QUALITY ammunition.
    • Hornady Critical Defense is what I currently recommend.
    • This is even more important when you go with a smaller caliber such as a .22 Magnum.
  • I am not inclined to recommend the single action only derringers as a backup gun simply because the small size of the gun and the manipulations necessary to ready the gun to fire require a high degree of fine motor skills that are severely degraded under extreme stress.
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