My toughest day as a cop

Great article that really hammers home why we do what we do.

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I have PTSD, so I’m no longer a police officer.  But, the memories of those times and others stay with me.  I was pretty ticked last night after an online discussion with someone who was telling me how bad guns were.  I make bullet jewelry and she was slightly bothered that I was promoting gun use.  Actually, she was the second person who made that accusation to me yesterday.


So, let me tell you a short story from my police years.  I still remember clearly my hardest day.  I’m sure you’re thinking it was a shoot out or something similar, but it wasn’t.  My toughest day was centered around an interview with a victim.  She had been out jogging at night and was attacked and raped.


The tough part was having to interview her.  I had to ask those questions that I knew would hurt her…

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