A Home Security Dilemma

Over the last week, I have had the same vehicle drive up to my house between 1:30-3:45AM. They approach slowly, and upon noticing me standing in the kitchen, pull a U turn and drive away quickly. I know this is the same vehicle, but have not gotten a chance to get a license plate due to darkness and glare. I see absolutely no reason for this repetitive suspicious behavior besides crime.My home was broken into last year, and was robbed clean of every valuable. Electronics, jewelry, musical instruments, literally everything of any value. Neighbors later reported a large moving van parked in front of our house. One suspect was caught and prosecuted. My thoughts are that either they’ve returned for another good haul, told friends, or possibly somebody wants revenge for their buddy going away.What should I do? Every noise I hear prompts a room-to-room clearing of the house with my rifle tightly clutched in hand. I live in washington state, and we do not have a castle law so even if I shot an intruder, it might not end well. I plan on calling the sheriff tomorrow and going on record that someone may be staking out my house for an invasion or robbery. My only concern is for my families safety, and bullets flying through walls could jeopardize that. I am confident in my skills to operate my weapon under stress and know that should an invasion occur, they’ll be leaving in a body bag, I just feel there’s got to be a better solution than waiting for some cracked out asshat to attack my family.
The answer to this dilemma is multi-pronged but relatively simple.
  1. Contact the local police department and report what you saw.
  2. Install motion activated lights at key points of the house
    • Garage points of entry
    • Front door
    • Back patio door
    • Entrance to the backyard
    • Basement or cellar door if it connects to the outside
  3. Install a home security DVR camera system
    • Be sure to test the cameras to ensure that they get a clear picture and don’t “wash out” from the motion activated lights.
    • Be sure to periodically wipe the DVR’s memory!
    • Install the cameras at key points of entry
      • Garage points of entry
      • Front door
      • Back patio door
      • Entrance to the backyard
      • Basement or cellar door if it connects to the outside
  4. Map out your house for points of entry, fatal funnels, and fields of fire.
  5. Add a deadbolt lock on your bedroom door
  6. Change the pass code and wipe down the buttons on the garage door key code panel.
  7. Mow your lawn and trim your hedges, it makes the house look occupied.
  8. Set up interior lights that can be activated remotely and on a timer at random intervals.
  9. Consider reinforcing the doors.
  10. Use a wooden stick to lock sliding glass doors if you have those kind of doors to the back porch.
  11. Don’t even think about booby traps
    • They are illegal just about everywhere.
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One comment on “A Home Security Dilemma
  1. bulletmen says:

    Add this:
    If the worst does happen,be sure to have a good lawyer’s phone number handy !
    Call him after you call the cops !


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