Article: “Little things can help keep us safer”


Little things can help keep us safer

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“Christopher Hubbart began to sexually assault women in their homes in 1972,” the petition said. “He committed 25 or 26 such assaults that year, all of them in the Los Angeles area. He would drive around in the early morning and look for homes that had garage doors open, indicating the man of the house had gone to work. He would also look for children’s toys, believing that mothers would be protective of their children and more likely to cooperate with him. He would bind the women’s hands and cover their faces, then sexually assault them.”

Regarding Christopher Hubbart, a serial rapist, and his release.

This isn’t about the horrible things Hubbart did. But it does afford us a chance to learn so perhaps no one else will become a victim of such a monster.

Look at what Christopher Hubbart did. He didn’t attack in the middle of the night. He didn’t stroll around a college campus or a dim parking lot.

No, he drove around neighborhoods — like yours — looking for signs of vulnerability:

  • Open garage doors
    • Not just being open, but then empty… with signs the “alpha predator” was not around
  • Children’s toys
    • Children usually mean there’s a woman nearby
    • That women will be willing to “give him what he wants” because he can always play towards injury of the children

I see it constantly as I go around town. People leaving their garage doors open, windows open, doors and windows unlocked. Signs that say “come on in”. It makes for easy access, and it shows a lackadaisical attitude towards one’s personal safety. That you don’t care, that you don’t think it could happen to you, that you’ve never considered that it could… and thus you are all the more vulnerable, and all the more susceptible prey to the sick predator.

Kids toys left out also raise signals like that there’s probably a video game console inside — make a quick buck by selling it. Various signs that help to make your home, and perhaps you, more appealing. And yes, Hubbart’s notion of the woman being more willing to submit out of fear of injury to the children? Just another angle to take advantage of.

No, this is not right. But the sad part is it happened over and over. He committed a couple dozen of these. Where was the fighting back? Where was the unwillingness to be a victim?

And are you really going to tell me these women would have been better off without a gun? And without the determination and mindset to use it, to prevent their attack, and the possible future attacks of others?  Are you saying they should “just give him what he wants?” because that’s the mantra so many utter as the proper response to being a crime victim… but Hubbart is what happens when you “give them what they want”.

No. Learn from this horrible situation. Learn how you can do a few simple things to make yourself less appealing as and more difficult to be a victim. If you’re going to become a statistic, make it one for the “win” column.

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