$20 Toy Can Bypass Home Garage Door Openers

If your home garage connects to the rest of your house, you may want to consider installing a dead bolt lock on the interior door.

For the sake of convenience, the door could be keyed the same as the rest of your hour but keep in mind that it is the physical security equivalent of the same risk as using the same password for every online account you have. There is almost always a trade off between security and convenience.

From http://slashdot.org/story/13/09/13/1341217/20-toy-deactivates-cheap-home-alarms-opens-doors

mask.of.sanity writes “Cheap home alarms, door opening systems and wireless mains switches can be bypassed with low-cost and home-made devices that can replicate their infrared signals. Fixed-code radio frequency systems could be attacked using a $20 ‘toy’, or using basic DIY componentry. Quoting: ‘Criminals might be able to capture IR signals if they can get a line of sight to when the system is being armed or disarmed. If a criminal knows what type of alarm system you’re using then they could do what we did here and reverse it for cloning a remote. A more likely scenario is just to buy a duplicate system and use that remote. Not all IR remotes can be switched from the same system. It depends on whether a code is being transmitted and how many variations of the code and remote exist. In the system described in this post, there is no code, just a carrier signal. If a code is being transmitted, then the Infrared toy can capture it and replay it. So that’s your best bet for a criminal looking at a completely unknown remote.'”

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