There really are monsters out there…

And the gun prohibitionists say you are nuts if you carry…

There really are monsters out there.

Judging from the photos it appears that this sick piece of s*** was well past the fantasizing phase and into the “dry run” phase of carrying out would would have been his eventual murders.

Thankfully Portway was caught prior to kidnapping anyone.

Portway has been sentenced to 27 years in Federal Prison.

In terms of keeping your littlest ones safe keep the following in mind.

  • NEVER leave your child unattended in a public place like a video arcade or a playground. Reve Walsh did this and it led directly to Adam Walsh‘s murder.
  • Map out the routes in which your child will walk to school and over to his or her friend’s house.
  • Teach your kids about basic ruses used by predators to lure them
  • Go all out on NSA-style monitoring everything your kid does online. Your house, your rules.


Documents including disturbing photos of a dungeon built by a man who planned to torture and eat children were filed by federal prosecutors Tuesday.

Geoffrey Portway, 40, pleaded guilty in May to distribution and possession of child pornography and solicitation to kidnap a child, according to the Boston Herald. He will be sentenced next Tuesday.

Prosecutors said Portway, a British-born Massachusetts man, constructed a basement torture room and regularly chatted online about raping, killing, cooking and eating children. Although it was never used, the photos of the homemade torture dungeon are chilling.

The images, taken by investigators in his Worcester, Mass., home in 2012, show a restraint table, a child-sized coffin, a steel cage and various butcher’s tools.

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Geoffrey Portway’s Cannibalism Dungeon


Federal officials began investigating Portway after they linked him to an online chatroom centered around cannibalism and child rape. During their investigation, authorities found child pornography and images of children who appeared to be dead on Portway’s computer. He initially pleaded not guilty to federal charges, but later changed his plea to guilty.

geoffrey portway

Transcripts from Portway’s online conversations, obtained by The Huffington Post, include extremely graphic descriptions of his plans to rape, kill and eat children. He also describes, in detail, the dungeon that authorities ultimately found in his basement.

“Really want to eat a nice young boy. Setting [up] my basement,” Portway says in one 2010 chat. He goes on to say that his “setup” as “[a] locked basement, has a cage, has a table to tie people to, working on sound proofing now.”

Black soundproofing foam can be seen on the walls in the investigators’ photos of Portway’s basement.

According to the transcripts, Portway also stated that he put the victim’s cage in a separate room from the butcher’s table, but nonetheless the victim would “know he will be my dinner.”

He speaks to fattening up his victims while keeping them caged, noting that the cage he owns has a “whole [sic] in it for head to come out for feedings. šŸ™‚ ā€¦ [the victim will be] sticking his little head, gag in place, through the hole šŸ™‚ if he is young enough, he will be sitting on my lap when i feed him. but if older, the hole will work.”

One of Portway’s online correspondents was Ronald Brown, a Florida puppeteer who was sentenced in July to 20 years in prison on charges of child pornography and conspiring to kidnap a child. Brown — whose puppetry website, Puppets Plus, promised “grins and giggles” for kids — regularly chatted online about his desires to kidnap, rape, murder and eat children.

A child-sized coffin with locks was found in the soundproof cellar (Picture: Splash)

A child-sized coffin with locks was found in the soundproof cellar

Look at the photo closely

Look at the photo closely

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One comment on “There really are monsters out there…
  1. bulletmen says:

    My God !
    A chill ran through me. What a monster.
    27 years is not enough to lock this creature away.It will still be a danger as long as it lives.
    Maybe it is a good thing these creatures communicate on the internet . Perhaps it gives the Law a chance to catch them. In this case it worked out well,the monster was caught before it could harm the innocent.


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