Redbox Scammers Steal Games By Using Bar Codes To Trick Kiosks

The easiest way to solve this scam would be:

  1. Determine the credit cards associated with the previous renters
  2. Look for cards that are pre-paid VISA cards.
    • Smarter scammers would not use a card associated with their name.
  3. Pull the info associated with the prepaid VISA cards and then forward the info to law enforcement.
  4. Law enforcement would then go to the stores where the prepaid cards were purchased and then hope that the security camera footage of the transaction wasn’t wiped recently.

Redbox Scammers Steal Games By Using Bar Codes To Trick Kiosks « CBS Chicago.

Each Redbox disc has a bar code sticker that tracks customer credit card information and date of rental, among other things. But when unscrupulous users photocopy the bar code — or simply peel off the sticker and place back it in the case — the kiosks are duped into thinking it is the actual game.

For the company, it’s hard to pinpoint who’s to blame.[you’re renter No. 1, then it’s obvious,” said Joel Resnik, vice president and general manager of video games at Redbox. “The problem is [the thefts] are not clear-cut.”

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