The Myth of the .38 Snub Nose Revolver as a Good First Gun

Good article here.
I am inclined to recommend a full-size pistol or a full-size revolver as a first gun.

Sheeple: People unable to think for themselves

Stock Gun Photo - Revolver and Bullets

We’ve all seen it in a gun shop. Maybe we’ve even been the recipient of the sales pitch.

“Looking for a first gun, huh? Well you can’t go wrong with a .38 snub nose revolver. We have this super lightweight titanium model here, weighs next to nothing. Here, let me get you some +P+ rounds for it…”

I’m not sure when the snub nose revolver became the de-facto choice for a first gun, or why gun shops push them in this role so hard. You see them especially pushed on women.

However, mastering a snub nose, especially one of the newer, ultra-light weight models, especially with high pressure loads, is one of the hardest things to master. It requires tons of practice with a gun that really isn’t too much fun to shoot. This is especially true of more modern revolvers which often incorporate additional internal safeties which makes the…

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4 comments on “The Myth of the .38 Snub Nose Revolver as a Good First Gun
  1. Reblogged this on idwritingworks and commented:
    Ive rallied about this and the pump shotgun for years… all to deaf ears.


  2. […] The Myth of the .38 Snub Nose Revolver as a Good First Gun ( […]


  3. Bryan says:

    Because it’s easy to learn to conceal, hold, and very simple to understand and operate. From that perspective I do think it’s a good gun, great for the first time buyer.

    Where I think they go wrong is in the place you alluded to at the end: super light versions shooting super heavy ammo meaning you’re going to want to not practice as much, or worse you’re going to be scared to shoot it at all, and not want to even carry it because of those bruises you remember on your hand.

    But in a normal weight version of the gun with normal pressure ammo (Buffalo Bore makes some pretty good standard pressure .38 ammo) it’s a very good choice. Some just get caught up in the “lighter gun is better” and “heavier ammo is better” craze and take both too far and forget that they are nullifying their “good first gun” criteria in the process.


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