Steps to Enhanced Home Security

1) Have 3M Scotchshield installed on your ground floor windows, especially on the ones next to the door.

2)Use sheers and blinds on all windows

3)Install motion sensor lights on the exterior of the house and out of reach.

4)Install a higher security lock on your fence door

5)Leave evidence of a dog (whether you have one or not) in your yard. This means a food bowl and a chew toy.

6)Post alarm company signs in your front yard

7)Trim back shrubbery and trees that can obscure an intruder’s approach to an entry point

8)If you install an alarm, make sure it is loud enough to notify neighbors.

9)Install dummy security cameras in places where it is not feasible to install a real one.

10)Use light timers with irregular patterns and have a friend collect the mail and move the cars around to create the appearance of activity in the house.

11)Set timers on TV sets and radios inside the house

12)Buy a heavy gun safe.

13)Buy a small yet durable safe and bolt it to the floor in an unlikely place in the house to store small valuable things like jewelry. You may also want to consider a floor safe under a bed.

14)Install an IP camera (or two) with a cloud service that can be accessed over your phone when you are away.

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