Compiling a Firearms Record

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From Compiling a Firearms Record.

Compiling a Firearms Record

Handgun in caseI decided it was time to compile a record of all my firearms. So I went through them all, recorded the make, model, and serial number, and made a list. I then took photos of each firearm, and saved them in a file on a USB Flash drive. I placed the list and the USB Flash drive in an envelope, and placed it in a separate fire / water proof safe.

I considered the importance of keeping a firearm record and came up with three reasons for recording firearm information, including description, serial number, and photo.

1. If any of my firearms are stolen and then recovered, this information will allow me to claim my firearms from the law enforcement agency holding them.

2. If any of my stolen firearms are ever used in a crime, I will have my list, along with the police report, to show I was not in possession of the firearms at the time the crime was committed.

3. This information will be necessary, in the event any of my firearms are ever stolen, to receive reimbursement from my home owners insurance company.

Although the majority of my firearms are stored securely in a gun safe, and not likely to be lost due to theft. There are however times when they are not. Such as my readily available home protection firearms ,and when I am traveling. So a updated firearm record is a good idea.

What steps have you taken to record and protect your firearms?

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3 comments on “Compiling a Firearms Record
  1. That is very informative. We keep the records of our personal firearms, but we just keep the basic such as, S/N, Make/Model. We do not take pictures, but after reading the post I think it is a fantastic idea.


  2. Not only do I take pictures, but I make certain that I have at least one picture of each one that the serial number is completely readable. If anything were to happen to the list, the photo still has the serial number I need. I leave the photos on the camera, computer and jump drive. No reason to delete them.


  3. […] Compiling a Firearms Record ( […]


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