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There is a great website out there called

I’ve used it to rate my old college professors, especially the Vegan-pacifist-anarchist professor I had for my senior year of college!

Believe it or not, he was one of my favorite professors simply because he welcomed debate in his class and he never used grades as a cudgel to enforce ideological conformity.

This recap from VCDL is pretty entertaining. I can understand a professor giving extra credit for participating in a rally or protest after the student chooses a side for themselves, I think it is dishonest to give extra credit just for participating on behalf of a particular side.

The girl who blindly put on a “GUNS SAVE LIVES” sticker and held up a VCDL sign for about 5 minute until realizing she was with the “wrong” side in the recap below is a classic example of grades being used to make a student behave like an unthinking drone.

Her professor has really done her a disservice.

So getting back to RateMyProfessors, the reviews are limited to 350 characters so keep your review short and to the point.

Ask yourself, did you suffer through the class or journey through the class?

That is what separates a good class from a bad class.

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We had fun on Thursday! There were 5 of us at the site of the anti’s press conference in the park near the Blacksburg PD. However, the antis never showed up there. Kind of rude to reserve something and then not use it.

I think they might have decided not to have the press conference at the park because VCDL found out about it.

Luckily a reporter called me about an interview and I asked him if he knew about the conference in the park and he said there was another one being held in a room at Virginia Tech at 2:30 PM. So around 2 PM John Wilburn and I left and headed over to where the new press conference was being held.

As John and I were walking down a hall to the press-conference room, a student with the antis asked if he could help us. I said, “no, thanks” and we kept going. He asked where we were going and I gave him the room designation. Then, in an unsure voice, he said that the event in that room was “by invitation only.”

Oh, no surprise about that. The antis in general are very insecure and block us from attending as many of their events as they can.

I, personally, could care less if they attend any of our events as long as they behave themselves. John and I certainly wouldn’t have disrupted their little press conference.

The room had enough chairs for about 80 people, but I only saw representatives from 2 or 3 media outlets.

John and I waited patiently in the hall outside the doorway for the meeting to complete so that I could be interviewed by the press in attendance. The antis looked a little surprised to see us there and didn’t seem overly happy about it, either. šŸ˜‰

Once my interviews were over, we left to get some lunch.

Later in the day I brought the protest signs to the Squires Student Center and about 10 of us stood outside holding them.

At one point a student came over. She put on a “Guns Save Lives” sticker and picked up a “Gun Save Lives” sign and held it. Apparently her teacher was giving extra credit to those who held signs at the protest.

BUT, after about 5 minutes her face turned red as she suddenly realized that she was supposed to be standing with the antis and not us. In all that time she never bothered to look at the sign she was holding or the sticker on her chest. So she handed her sign over to John and took her GSL sticker off and slinked over to where the antis were standing. šŸ˜‰

I still grin when I think of her. I guess you just can’t find good hired help any more. šŸ˜‰

I was glad to see quite a few students of the fairer sex, either individually or in groups, coming to grab a GSL sticker from us. One said she had just received her CHP, as two of her friends had been sexually assaulted recently. Why do I think she is going to avoid the fate of her friends?

Some coverage:

Here is video of the part of the debate that was about guns. For the life of me, I have NO idea why Cuccinelli is not HAMMERING McAuliffe for his connection to, and 1.1 MILLION DOLLAR donation from, Michael Bloomberg:
VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.
(VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization
dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to
Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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