Article: State High Court Reverses Virginia Tech Massacre Verdict

Remember the Warren v. District of Columbia court decision as well. The state is not obligated to protect you as an individual.

Plan and prepare accordingly.

From State High Court Reverses Virginia Tech Massacre Verdict « CBS DC.

One of the photographs of Seung-Hui Cho that h...

One of the photographs of Seung-Hui Cho that he sent to NBC News on the day of the massacre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


ICHMOND, Va. — The state’s highest court on Thursday threw out a wrongful death verdict stemming from the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech, but the ruling won’t shake the heightened diligence on the nation’s campuses following the lone gunman’s rampage at Tech, campus safety advocates said.

The Virginia Supreme Court concluded that Tech administrators did not have a duty to warn students that a gunman remained at large after killing two people in a dormitory, and that they had no way to anticipate that he would go on to kill 30 more and himself.

“Thus, as a matter of law, the commonwealth did not have a duty to protect students against third party criminal acts,” the court wrote.

The state argued that law enforcement officials believed the first shootings were targeted, the result of a domestic dispute, and they concluded the larger campus wasn’t at risk. The justices concluded that university officials acted properly.

Andrew Goddard, whose son Colin was wounded at Tech, said he found the ruling upsetting, and he wondered whether universities would see an opening to relax safety measures.

“I think it certainly takes the pressure off universities,” he wrote in an email to The Associated Press. “I would hope that all future freshman orientations clearly spell out that, despite all the policy changes and advanced notification systems, the university actually has no ‘duty’ to use them. Let’s see how parents react to that.”

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8 comments on “Article: State High Court Reverses Virginia Tech Massacre Verdict
  1. That goes in line with the Gonzalez v Castle Rock precedent. In this case the court ruled that the police do not have an obligation to protect the individual, but society as a whole. I think the court ruled favorably in these cases.


  2. Not only do police not have the duty to protect individuals from third party criminal acts, they lack the ability. Safety does not flow like a magic river from underneath a police station any more than justice from a courthouse or health from a hospital. Police officers are not bodyguards. While it is true that they should, and in most cases, will defend you if you are attacked in their presence, keeping individuals safe on a personal level is not their function.


  3. Corban Quigg says:

    Would it be safe to say that in the case of Warren vs. District of Columbia that possessing a gun was not the issue as the victim’s did not wield weapons against their attackers? As for the university being responsible to warn students of impending danger: of course every college administration should warn their students when danger lurks, but to require that they do so flawlessly is like demanding a local city make sure everyone in a midwestern town hear the tornado siren or face culpability if an unsuspecting citizen is killed in the storm.

    I’ve written an article on gun-control and welcome feedback from both sides of the issue. Feel free to comment here at:


    • gunsafetypro says:

      That is the injustice of Warren v. DC. The victims were not even allowed the chance to procure the means to defend themselves (this was pre-Heller) and yet the government refused to take any responsibility for the failure of 911 service to respond to their call for help.


  4. Luke The Dog says:

    The warden, he don’t like nobody fighting. He don’t like nobody sticking up for themselves neither.


  5. Buzz says:

    So they tell you that the police have no legal obligation to protect you. Then they tell you that the campus has no legal obligation to warn you. Lastly, they take away your right to defend yourself and punish you if you do anything other than allow the person to hurt or kill you.

    And this is our America, folks. Many of you can thank yourselves for enabling this type of retardation. To the rest of you who care about protecting your family and loved ones, I’m sorry we have come to this point. I hope you never find yourself in this situation.

    People control is in full effect.


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