Bullet Behavior, Part I

Great article from HCS.

The Tactical Hermit


I am a firm believer in being a student.

I remember my grandpa telling me when I was 9 years old that:

“If you are not learning something every day son, you are doing yourself a grave injustice and are well on your way to becoming a FOOL!” 

The CO, in order to function at maximum capacity, needs to be a student of many things also in order to survive. One of the main ones being Firearms and Ballistics. But going beyond just the facts you might find in the ballistics tables of the Shooters Bible are the sorted tales of the unpredictable behavior of bullets fired in training and combat.

We all have heard stories about richochets, skips, bounces and amazing bullet penetration through various objects and mediums. But I think for the CO to really become a TRUE Rifleman, Shootist or if you prefer the overly…

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