Bullet Behavior, Part II

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Picking up where we left off last episode, we had determined that shooting AT a person in a STATIC not to mention, MOVING vehicle is a precarious and delicate affair. So many things can go “Sideways” in a situation like this… so it is of utmost importance that your reasoning be SOLID in wanting to take this shot.  As already discussed, the probability that other by-standers in the cab, not to mention innocent pedestrians OUTSIDE and/or near the vehicle will be wounded or killed either by flying bullet shards or over-penetration is fairly high. Not to mention the possibility of an errant ricochet coming back and hitting the shooter. ALL of this must be factored in before the trigger is ever pulled! This is why in Private Security it is almost NEVER authorized to fire on a vehicle with a VIP or HVT inside or anywhere near it.., it is…

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