Getting Started with Child Safety: Parental Preparation

Today we are going to discuss parental preparation in terms of keeping kids safe and coming home every night.

  • Know the full names, addresses and phone numbers of your children’s friends and their parents.
  • Discuss with your child how to react if approached by a stranger, what to do and who to contact.
  • Tagging Clothing
    • It is a bad idea for things your child is wearing or carrying to bear their name on the outside.
    • Tagging the insides of socks, books, jackets, shirts, and pants and skirts with important phone numbers in permanent marker is also a good idea.
  • Know what your child is wearing every day.
    • What color shirt?
    • What color pants?
    • What color shoes?
  • Keep up-to-date files on your children.
    • Recent photographs
    • Complete physical description
    • Medical/ Dental records
    • fingerprints.
    • Hair sample
  • Maps
    • Use Google Maps to map the walking routes between school, after-school activity locations and the houses of your children’s friends.
      • Routes to map are:
        • Your house to school and back
        • School to after school activity and back
        • School to a friend’s house and then to your house
        • Friend’s house to your house and back
    • Use your state’s sex offender registry
      • Most sex offender registries will list both the last known address of the offender and the offender’s place of employment (if any)
      • Overlay the locations of sex offenders with the routes to school, home, and friends’ houses.
    • Include walking directions from key locations back to home in your child’s backpack.
  • Choose a secret code word to use with your children in case of an emergency.
    • Tell them never to go with anyone who does not know the code word.
    • Some predators will resort to police impersonation.
      • A real cop would understand and respect the code word rule and gladly make an effort to verify himself or get in contact with a loved one.



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