Video: Assailant Playing the #KnockoutGame gets Shot twice by his Intended Victim

“Don’t go out looking for trouble, because you will often end up with more than you were looking for.”

Lessons Learned:

  1. Avoid task fixation.
    • Minimize texting and walking
  2. “Check your 6” when passing a rowdy group.
  3. Know your rules of engagement.
    • Research and get yourself up to speed on local self-defense laws
  4. Keep a less than lethal means of defense with you as well.
  5. Get up to speed on your unarmed combatives
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5 comments on “Video: Assailant Playing the #KnockoutGame gets Shot twice by his Intended Victim
  1. This idiotic game played by these teens is a result of socialites downfall and the lack of parenting at home


    • If I Had A Son says:

      This is not due to lack of parenting. This is due to unwanted children. If only abortion options had been more readily available to the mothers, they would not have unleashed their evil, savage offspring upon the American people.


  2. gunads says:

    This is why Jesus told his apostles to sell their cloaks to buy a sword if they needed money (Luke 22:36). Unarmed societies are unsafe societies, we become animals, the big ape rapes the small ape. But when we have guns, we become civilized, we behave ourselves, or we get shot. The Knockout Game hasn’t come to Tennessee yet, I don’t expect it here but you never know.


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