Situational Awareness Practice: KIM Games

Make your training fun!

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Situational Awareness is made actionable using the OODA loop. If you don’t know the OODA loop yet know this much: Col John Boyd coined the term- aka Boyd Cycle. It has 4 phases: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. In some ways the Observe step is the most important for the average American. 

This is because if you can effectively identify a potential threat before they get close to you- or better yet even notice you- you have the opportunity to avoid any unpleasant interactions. Watching eyes and hands can do quite a bit to help you ID a potential bad guy -be sure to watch those hands because that is where most attacks will originate. 

One way to sharpen your observation skills is to play KIM (keep in mind) games. This is a very simple game: the idea is to study a group of 10-20 objects briefly, divert your attention…

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